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Technology is nothing.1

The most crucial thing is what we do with it, or what it does to us. Today, advanced technologies are multiplying at a rapid pace, making us dependent and feel increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated. As a rapidly expanding field, artificial intelligence (AI) tirelessly makes the headlines in the press, which always seem to ask the same question - will artificial intelligence supplant human intelligence, or is it just a fantasy ? AI is now transforming the labour market and society as a whole through intelligent algorithms, big data and computing power, which seem to have definitively overcome the risks of human error. Are we about to create a world that exceeds our capabilities?"

Omnipresent and inevitable, artificial intelligence seems to transform science fiction into reality where the fatal confrontation between Man and Machine quickly takes form within the collective imagination. The expression "artificial intelligence" suggests in itself that it is intended to imitate a human faculty while we have created it to overcome our disabilities. This contradiction leaves little chance of it ever becoming human, but will it succeed in revising our own "humanity"?

1. Steve Jobs

Hannah Liebert Kreile, curator.


Crédits vidéo: Margot Berard

Credits photo: Calypso Mahieu